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How Not to Make Your Own Ginger Beer

There is a day devoted to the kitchen klutzes of America and it happens to be today, June 13th. I’m a little confused as to why this day is reserved only for those in America.  Does the rest of the … Continue reading

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The British Obsession with Bunting (or how the Royal Wedding improved my vocabulary)

In the weeks leading up to the Royal Wedding, I began to notice some strange expressions in newspapers.  References to getting ready for a “right royal knees-up” became clearer in the context of pubs/clubs throwing them. But what the heck was … Continue reading

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Why Studying Food is Relevant

When I told a neighbor that I was moving to London to study the anthropology of food, she responded, “that sounds like underwater basket-weaving.”  I quickly realized that I did not like her. I still do not have a succinct … Continue reading

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People do some interesting things in the name of religion.  (As an anthropologist-in-training, I’m not allowed to call these things “crazy.”) Thaipusam is a Tamil Hindu festival that is banned in India, but still practiced in Singapore and Malaysia.  Supposedly, … Continue reading

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Yes, I am still alive.  And despite the fact that I have not written an entry in over two months, I do still plan to keep this blog alive.  (Can you smell the New Year’s Resolution?)  There are two main … Continue reading

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KF Seetoh is a Hypocrite

I’ve actually been meaning to write (rant?) about this for awhile, but was finally prompted by an article in today’s New York Times.  In the article, Julia Moskin outlines a stingray crawl around New York City, for which she relies on the help … Continue reading

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You Know You’re Not in Singapore When….

This post is the result of an experience I had at a pub recently.  I walked into the bathroom and was apparently looking down, because the first thing I noticed upon entering the stall was a step.  My immediate thought … Continue reading

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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

In Korea, you’ll have so much fun that two years will only feel like one! (Apologies for the blurriness.)

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A Soul-Crushing Search

I’ll eventually write about how I almost got married in Myanmar and why I wound up moving to London, but here’s why I’ve been MIA for several weeks. Combine the pain of looking for a job with the suffering of going on blind dates … Continue reading

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Discovering a New Species (and wine) in Myanmar

I discovered a new species in Myanmar.  And I didn’t even have to go into a jungle and get bitten by malarial mosquitoes.  Instead, I made this exciting discovery at the grocery store (and got bitten by infectious insects at … Continue reading

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