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How Not to Fly From Manila to Kuala Lumpur

The short answer is on a budget airline. We booked flights to and from Manila on Tiger Airways, which is the cheapest of the cheap. Our flight to Manila was direct from Singapore, but our flight from Manila to KL … Continue reading

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Live Long and Prosper with Raw Fish Salad

A certain holiday associated with the color red and sweet things is this Sunday.  I am not referring to that Hallmark-inspired celebration we like to call Valentine’s Day, but rather Chinese (Lunar) New Year. While there are a few advertisements … Continue reading

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Dish of the Day: Foochow Oyster Cake

The Fuzhou (or Foochow) Oyster Cake is a sort of deep-fried oyster fritter that originally hails from Fuzhou, the capital of the Fujian province in Southern China.  As you can watch in the above video, rice flour batter is stuffed … Continue reading

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Death by Durian?

Durian is perhaps the most infamous of all fruits.  It is called the “king of fruits” by Southeast Asians and is prized for its unique taste.  It is called “the smelly gym sock of fruits” by Westerners and is avoided … Continue reading

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