“You have a lucky forehead.”

I was sitting at my favorite frozen yogurt place yesterday, happily reunited with the internet (which isn’t working at my apartment),  when a gentleman approached me and declared, “you have a lucky forehead.”  He was an old Indian man, complete with a turban and a wiry, white beard.  Lest you think he was competing for best pick-up line with the guy who told me, “my mom said I’d be a chickensh*t if I didn’t come talk to you,” my new Indian friend continued, “I don’t know you.  I tell you everything about your future.”

I suspected this was not free and told him I didn’t have any money.  Apparently his fortune-telling services were only $20, and  immediately went down to $10, yet I still said I didn’t have any money.  He quickly got up and walked away, without a word.  I have since regretted my decision.  At first my regret was because given his opening, it could have been a highly amusing experience.

But now, the regret is also because I’ve been wondering what I’m doing next with my life. (I leave Singapore in two months.)  I’m curious what he would have said; at this point, listening to what an Indian guru has to say about my future couldn’t hurt.  Too bad I don’t know how to find him.  Maybe I can put up flyers? ( “Seeking: Old Indian guy, black turban, white beard.  Last seen at RedMango, June 17th 3:00pm.  Said I had a lucky forehead.”)

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3 Responses to “You have a lucky forehead.”

  1. Crystal says:

    Ah, our buddy at Mano’s freshman year…I just looked up the group photo we took at the end of breakfast (where Prince Charming sticks his head into the background) for good measure.

  2. maria says:

    HI there funny story I thought I would google lucky forhead and it brought me here!! I too was approached yesterday by an indian looking young 30ish old male to be told the same, however I walked away as he kept talking so never got to find out what it meant, I too now wonder why my forhead is soo lucky I should probably mention this was in Brisbane City Australia (:(:

    • gowiththeebb says:

      Thanks for letting me know! I also wonder how they can tell our foreheads are lucky and how many of us with lucky foreheads exist? And, of course, it would be useful to know what it means!

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