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Roti John (White Man’s Bread)

Roti John is a Singaporean invention of onions, eggs, grilled meat,  and spices spread on a loaf of French bread and grilled.  Supposedly it was invented in the 1970s by a hawker named Shukor, whose Western customers always asked for … Continue reading

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Sup Tulang – Bone Soup

Awhile ago I went to the Golden Mile Hawker Centre to try the infamous sup tulang – mutton bone marrow soup.  Mutton bones are cooked in a bright reddish-pink chili sauce, which does not taste at all spicy and does … Continue reading

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The Best Roast Pork in Cow Car Water

I was wandering through the maze that is Chinatown Complex’s hawker centre when I saw the following sign: I was amused and confused.  What is cow car water?  Cow water could mean beef broth, but where does the car come … Continue reading

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The Craziest Pringles Flavor

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to explore the local grocery store.  While this is usually more interesting when traveling abroad, I’ve sometimes been equally amused by wandering around domestic stores, especially independent ones.  Possibly … Continue reading

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While it may sound like a type of cleaning product, rojak (Malay for “mixture”) is another tasty dish found in Singapore.  (Other versions of the dish are also found in Malaysia and Indonesia.)  The Singaporean version consists of pieces of … Continue reading

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Live Long and Prosper with Raw Fish Salad

A certain holiday associated with the color red and sweet things is this Sunday.  I am not referring to that Hallmark-inspired celebration we like to call Valentine’s Day, but rather Chinese (Lunar) New Year. While there are a few advertisements … Continue reading

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Dish of the Day: Foochow Oyster Cake

The Fuzhou (or Foochow) Oyster Cake is a sort of deep-fried oyster fritter that originally hails from Fuzhou, the capital of the Fujian province in Southern China.  As you can watch in the above video, rice flour batter is stuffed … Continue reading

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Dish of the Day: Ice Kachang

According to Makansutra, Ice Kachang is “Singapore’s favourite dessert.”  I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it’s certainly Singapore’s most colorful dessert.  It’s a mountain of shaved ice coated with different syrups, and then topped with creamed corn … Continue reading

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I Might Get Kicked Out of Singapore

I have something to say that may get my visa revoked.  I don’t like Chicken Rice.  Now that I’ve confessed, I won’t be surprised if the Singaporean Super Secret Chicken Rice Police come for me tonight under the cover of … Continue reading

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Dish of the Day: Popiah

What it is: Hokkien-style fresh spring rolls – a rice flour wrapper spread with chilli and a garlicky, but sweet soy sauce and stuffed with lettuce, bean sprouts, crumbled egg, crushed peanuts, and cooked daikon (or possibly jicama – the … Continue reading

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