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The Chewing Gum Myth

Whenever I told people I was going to move to Singapore, I usually got one of two responses: don’t chew gum and don’t get caned.  (The next most popular was, “are you going to have to learn the language?”)  It … Continue reading

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Bleed for your country. Not for the mozzies.

I think my favorite Singaporean sign is still this menu, but in terms of PSAs, I think the one below is pretty good.  Maybe not quite as eye-catching as the clams, though? (Located outside a military camp.)

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Roti John (White Man’s Bread)

Roti John is a Singaporean invention of onions, eggs, grilled meat,  and spices spread on a loaf of French bread and grilled.  Supposedly it was invented in the 1970s by a hawker named Shukor, whose Western customers always asked for … Continue reading

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Loving Hawker Centres

I’ve found a Westerner who loves hawker centres as much as I do.  Every week during Malay class, I stared at him, bewitched by his goofy amusement, wishing I could take him home with me.  Unfortunately, that might get me … Continue reading

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“You have a lucky forehead.”

I was sitting at my favorite frozen yogurt place yesterday, happily reunited with the internet (which isn’t working at my apartment),  when a gentleman approached me and declared, “you have a lucky forehead.”  He was an old Indian man, complete with … Continue reading

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KitKat Hunting

As previously noted in my post on crazy Pringles, I love finding unusual flavors of familiar products.  At some point several years ago, I learned that Japan is home to numerous flavors of KitKats, none of which make an appearance … Continue reading

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Pretty Much the Best Menu Ever

Sadly, I had already eaten lunch when I spotted this sign.  Otherwise, I would have had a difficult time deciding…

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On Marrying Malaysian Princes and Some Useful Malay Phrases

Two months ago I started taking Malay classes in Singapore.  It took me the two months before that to actually arrange the classes – it seemed I was the only person in the country who wanted to learn Malay. First, … Continue reading

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A Walking PSA Complete with Clam Costumes

Yet another reason to love Singapore. Apparently many Singaporeans think you can avoid Hep B simply by avoiding clams.  I’d seen a few billboards with a similar message, but the clam-people definitely caught my attention.

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Going to Hell in Singapore Costs $1

There are not many things in life, or in Singapore, that are free.  Fortunately, however, Singapore’s most bizarre attraction does not cost anything.  Haw Par Villa (originally called Tiger Balm Gardens) was built in 1937 by the brothers who invented … Continue reading

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